Photos: Israeli Flag Flies Above Ponovezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak on Israeli Independence Day




  1. instead of just publishing the photo, why don’t you report the reasoning behind it? You’re a frum news site; don’t be lazy – especially when this is something that has an explanation and touches on sensitive hashkafa issues.

    You can do better.

  2. If Ponevezh can fly an Israeli flag on Yom Haatzmaut, then so can I.
    Let us all follow the example of the revered Ponevezher Rov Z’TZL and show our appreciation and support for the State of Israel by this small gesture.

  3. The Ponovezher Rov ZT”L said it should be treated similar to as when he flew the Lithuanian flag in the ’20s and ’30s back in Lithuania.

  4. To paraphrase old charedi philanthropist Moshe sheinfeld: Torah learning has been in spite of, NOT because of the Secularist State.

  5. Actually, it’s a great and relevant story of the yeshiva’s Hakaras HaTov to the Israeli government that there was a place for the Jews of the world, a place that supported yeshivas and Torah learning.

    Rabbi Berel Wein quotes Rav Kahaneman, “Rabbi
    Yosef Kahaneman, the Ponevezher Rav, told me that he flew the Israeli flag from the roof of his yeshivah building in Bnei Brak on Yom Ha’atzmaut. When some
    locals complained about this, he answered them with the following: ‘I flew the Lithuanian flag on the roof of my yeshivah in Ponevezh on Lithuanian
    Independence Day. My friends, it is no worse here.'”

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