Photos: Irene Floods Portions of Lakewood


hurricane-irene-hits-lakewood[Photos below.] Lakewood, NJ – Much of the tri-state was spared from the doomsday scenario predicted regarding Hurricane Irene, but the storm still wreaked havoc. In Lakewood, thousands lost power and dozens of trees fell. spoke with several homeowners around Lakewood – from West Gate on the western side to Brook Hill Estates and Raintree on the eastern end – who experienced severe flooding after losing power. With sump pumps inoperable, dozens of homes filled with water. In some cases, Chaveirim members were able to hook up sump pumps to generators to remove water from local homes.

The South Lake Drive area was hit the hardest, with Lake Carasaljo overflowing its banks and completely covering the local streets. Police have cordoned off various sections of North and South Lake Drive, prohibiting entry by local residents due to hazardous conditions.

See below for photos of the Hurricane Irene flooding in Lakewood:

 { Newscenter/Photos by Dr. J and D. R.}


  1. I hear police evacuated some houses on south lake drive. lake went half way up bradshaw, davis, kimball,sunset, streets etc. It’s a big tourist attraction. water is still rising.

  2. Although they are not the total answer, battery-powered backup sump pumps that activate when power is lost can be very helpful. Note that there is a limit to the battery life before additional power (normal or generator) has to recharge the battery.


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