Photos: IDF Soldiers Depart Gaza



{ Israel/Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. Why are we leaving, have we really completed locating & destroying all the tunnels? Even if we have, aren’t we concerned about the reshaim rebuilding them & doing who knows what else, chas v’shalom, in only a matter of time? Why aren’t we getting all of them out of Gaza & taking it back over; to enable them to continue to use it as a strategic vantage point against us again next time, chas v’shalom? Does anyone really think Hamas is ready to stop now?

  2. I am confident that if that commander of the IDF forces feels that the IDF has accomplished the mission of destroying the terror tunnels and neutralizing most of Hamas’ rocket capabilities, then they have.

    As for what will be in the future? We all know that as long as Hamas is occupying Gaza, they are busy (at this very moment I am sure) concocting ways to kill Jews. Hamas exists solely to kill Jews — even if it means sacrificing other Arabs.

    The only alternative is for the IDF to take over Gaza completely to root out Hamas. The people living in Gaza cannot do it as Hamas has a chokehold on them and they do not have any democratic elections, either.

    I am confident that Israel has all this figured into their calculations in their future strategy against Hamas.


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