Photos: Hoshanos Made Easy


hoshanos-made-easy[Photos below.] Each year, on Sukkos, men in shul encounter the difficulty of balancing their lulav and esrog while holding on to a siddur or Hoshanos card during Hoshanos. This year, one creative mispallel formulated a unique innovative that is sure to gain popularity as it enables one to daven with ease.

See below for photos:

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Extremely creative only if the person in front of you doesn’t move or shake his body during the recitel of the hoshanos, unless saying every other or so word is sufficient.

  2. #2 if you go to the link through the picture you’ll notice that the person in front also is doing it…
    also there is a concept in halachah called dan l’chaf zechus, maybe he asked permission??

  3. I find that I dont remain behind the same person throught hashones (the person moves a person moves in front of me etc).So this wouldnt work for me but if it works for you.
    But if it works for you its a good idea.

  4. if he is going to hold his lulav and esrog in one hand he might as well just hold a siddur in the other. (I know that in the other picture he is holding them with both hands.)


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