Photos: Hachnosas Sefer Torah at the Krula Bais Medrash Dedicated By Reb Avrohom Shalom Klein in Memory of His Daughter, Malky a”h



  1. To Anonymous 9:19 please explain why you were shocked by the headline photo showing two parents embracing their child with affection. May Malkie rest in peace and may her family find comfort one day.

    • There’s nothing wrong with this photo in their home but not on THIS website. It’s sad that ethics and values of religious people have fallen so low, they can’t even make a distinction between what’s appropriate and what’s not.

      • I absolutely agree. Perhaps the picture could have been included in the other pictures in the body or the article, but it is shameful that it was placed in such a provocative in-your-face location

  2. May this be a zechus for the Klein’s beloved daughter and a nechama for her parents. They are a courageous couple who allowed the details of their personal tragedy to be known in the hope that it will help others. The scourge that took their precious daughter spares no community – believe me, I know. May there be no more such tragedies.


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