Photos: Golden Flow Orange Juice Now Available in Supermarkets Throughout Israel



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{ / Photos By JDN}


  1. well, this is all fine and dandy! a great addition to what’s available over there. however…..did you see the price?…..28. i assume that’s shekels. that would mean close to $7 a container! i just can’t tell whether that’s for a small container or a large container. if it’s for a small one, i think the price is a bit overdone, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Why would I want to drink juice from a fruit grown in Florida, when I can drink from one grown in Eretz Yisroel, had trumos and maseros taken etc?

  3. If I’m reading the photos right, the display is showing one container of orange juice for 28 shekel? Doesn’t that translate to $7? That’s some mighty expensive OJ!

  4. This is obviously a publicity stunt that Matzav fell for. Golden Flow got a free advertisement with the dummies at Matzav. This is clearly a staged picture. There is not a single store, here in New York, that has so many Golden Flow orange juices stacked up in rows like that. Do you really think we are that stupid?

  5. to comment # 12,, don’t know where you shop but the store that I shop it is displayed much nicer,, just walk in to Goldberg’s or Landaus on 18 ave


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