Photos: Frum Resident of Jackson and Toms River, NJ, Make Kiddush Hashem, Giving Out Candy for Halloween to Local Children Trick or Treating



  1. Halloween is a totally idolatrous celebration, which originated as a Celtic holiday, Samhain, named after their idol who was “Lord of the Dead and Prince of Darkness.”
    Samhain supposedly took the “sun god” prisoner each year during the winter. On the day before the Celtic new year, November 1st, Samhain called together all the dead people for a convention. The dead people would take different forms, the real evil ones taking the form of a cat. Of course, this was all very scary to the Celts, so they had their priests, called “druids,” offer sacrifices that day. They made a 3-day holiday out of this to honor both the sun god and Samhain, where people would parade down the street in animal skins and other costumes.
    The Romans also had a holiday which, after many centuries, ended up being mixed in with Samhain Day. It’s called Pomona Day, named after their idol god of fruits.
    About 1,200 years ago, the Roman Catholics declared November 1st a holiday, All Hallows Day, in honor of their saints. Later, they added another day to this, November 2nd, called All Souls Day, in honor of dead people. They dressed up as saints, angels, and devils.
    They made these holidays in order to counteract Samhain Day (Paganism is against Christianity). But instead of counteracting it, people simply celebrated both the Christian and Celtic holidays at once.
    The Halloween that exists today has a mixture of the customs of Samhain Day, Pomona Day, All Hallows Day, and All Souls Day. That’s what is celebrated on Halloween.

  2. Interesting.

    Lemayseh, it has been claimed/reported in past that Rav A.Y. Pam zt”l did something like that.

    However, I don’t know that all poskim would agree that it is okay, even though שלום and דרכי שלום are great things. The poskim who are against things like Thanksgiving might be stringent here too, while perhaps those lenient with that would be lenient here.

    I think it requires more study.

    Maybe someone who writes on contemporary halacha will look into it and report back.

    • If you repeat something like this in the name of a Gadol be’Yisrael’ you have to show exactly where you got it from, otherwise it’s nothing more than a fantasy.

  3. Will they expect matonos for Kratzmech next?

    The question is if what Rav Pam zt”l allegedly did, was lechatechila, or bedieved, לשיטתו. Maybe it should only be relied on בשעת הצורך, בשעת הדחק, במקום סכנה ר”ל וכו.


    צריכים הדרכה מאדם גדול


  4. Why not just turn off the lights and make as if you’re not home instead of making a so called “Kiddush Hashem” by participating in this pagan holiday… ???

      • It’s a shame that people need to pretend that they’re not home. Which law says that we must participate in their holiday, or else get eggs thrown at our home? What kind of values does this teach? Which law says that we must give someone candy if they come to our door?

  5. So, it is indeed Hashem’s will, that we be Nice and have empathy with people, even if they’re Non-Yidden. So then why do we exclude them from our Tiffilos when we Daven that Hashem should send a Healing to people who are R”L not well?

  6. Just ignore them if they come to your door, many ppl leave the light on for security reasons even if they’re not home, better not to give candy bec it’s like you’re participating in the A”Z (Avoda Zara) just ignore them, plus it is very possible that ppl aren’t home anyway, but truly better not to have anything to do with A”Z, better to stay away, if u call this a K”H (Kiddush Hashem) this I’m not sure abt

  7. Perhaps Darkei Sholom, definitely not Kidush H, hopefully not Chilul H. How did Kovod Shamaim increase(a true definition), by Jews tacitly acknowledging a goishe holiday with avoida zora roots?! According to the feeble minded amoratzishe definition of Kidush H as some kind of PR exercise designed to elicit goishe approval and adoration, would mean that Avrohom Avinu committed a grave Chilul H by destroying Terach’s idols! What’s next, kratsmach decorations in order to make goyim pat you on the shoulder and say attaboy?!

  8. There is another term that perhaps has a place in this discussion in addition to those already mentioned (Kiddush Hashem, Chillul Hashem, Darkei Shalom). That is משום איבה.

    However, bottom line, I think a poseik needs to weigh the inyan/different inyonim/aspects involved and pasken.


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