Photos: Eidah Hachareidah Kinnus Against the Drafting of Bnei Yeshiva into the Israeli Army (JDN)



  1. How much media coverage do you think this peaceful gathering will get? There were probably many more “chareidim” in that hall than took place in all the “man bites dog” demonstrations put together. The Eidah HaChareidis, with all its anti-Zionist and anti-medina beliefs, has always required receiving the proper permits from the government and have remained peaceful.

    • Nobody riots in the streets like shekatzim. IT”S ALWAYS PEACEFUL PROTESTS UNTIL police provocateurs come and instigate the rioters and act like beheimos. Get your facts straight before talking on an eidah of kedoshei yisrael.

  2. I have two questions for the Eidah:

    1. Do you believe that the State of Israel needs a military for protection?

    2. If you answer “Yes” to the above, I ask do you believe it is fair to demand that the children of other Jewish families go into harms way to and risk injury or death, chas v’shalom, to defend you and your families while your sons and husbands do not have to risk their lives?

    • Re #2. Yes, it’s fair. As long as the army is anti-Torah and full of toiveh and shmutz, let those kind of people serve. If they want chareidim to serve, there’s a way to do it. Make the army 100% kosher al pi Torah. As simple as that which is what Gedolei Yisrael have been saying all along.

    • 1. They need a military not a draft.
      2. If they feel a need to draft everyone then make the army on the religious level of the Eidah.

  3. jake goldstein, we charedim are in harm’s way!In Jerusalem we’re living next to the Arabs .Far, Far more people have been killed in terror attacks than serving in the IDF for at least the last 20 years,and a disproportionate number of them religious Jews because we’re easily indentifiable.We need Torah learning to protect all Jews ,so why are some Jews not learning or observing Torah is the better question.Israel exists because of the miracles and interventions of H’ , not because of Koach Yadainu.

  4. Dear Jake Goldstein, Did you ever hear of the perspective that it is really the bnei Torah who are protecting our country and our soldiers and not the other way around? How quaint to even reply to your comment but sometimes it gets too sickening to hear those proud and misdirected words over and over from the Matzav peanut gallery.


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