Photos: Driver Escapes Death From Metal Beam Into Windshield On San Jose Freeway


steelA driver in San Jose should be thanking his lucky stars Friday evening following a freeway crash that could have been fatal, but somehow wasn’t.

The image is of a black BMW with what appears to be a metal beam impaled into the front windshield.

Firefighters said a metal tray loader flew off the back of a truck and lodged right between the two front seats barely missing the driver, who somehow managed to steer his car to the shoulder. He walked away with a scratch to his arm.

An image tweeted by San Jose Firefighters Local 230 simply read:

“Reminder Always be alert to your surroundings. Solo driver SB280 escaped with only a scratch.”

The accident happened around noon on southbound Interstate 280 near the Saratoga exit.




  1. Thank his lucky s… may be ch”v questionable avoidas koichovim. Even if refering to mazolos, they are not ch”v to be thanked. In any case, certainly not a shprach. I realize it was taken from newswires. However, it should be removed from here.


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