Photos: Dr. Max Bulmash: “If You Suspect That Your Child Has Measles, Do Not Enter The Office”



  1. With all the back & forth there is one simple point I haven’t heard an answer for: the things the antivaxers say simply DONT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!

    It is strictly circular logic, conspiracy theories, debunked disgraced minority opinion “ doctors “.

    I don’t know about MMR, but I DO know that you have to be really foolish or drinking some serious koolaide to believe their nonsense

  2. I’m a physician. The moronic anti vaccinators have no scientific understanding of anything. They are murderous and a huge chilul Hashem. They offer great excuse for someone to leave a Torah life. A huge embarrassment and stain on our people.

    • Certain uninformed people shouldn’t be making uninformed statements either, simpleton. V’hamevin Yavin

  3. Josh18,

    I’m sure there have been children that have been diagnosed with autism after receiving MMR, and a million other things happening to them – like being hugged by their parents. That does not PROVE that it is a CAUSE of autism.

    There simply has NEVER been PROOF that mint causes autism- NEVER. A Lying debunked, delicensed doctor MADE IT UP!!!!!!


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