Photos: Chayim Aruchim Organizes Meeting Of Rabbonim Of Boro Park To Discuss End Of Life Issues


chaim-aruchim-asifa-in-boro-park-5[Photos below.] In response the changing health care practices towards patients that are at the end of life, the government laws and regulations that have been implemented, Chayim Aruchim, a project of Agudath Israel of America, organized a meeting of Boro Park Rabbonim to inform them of these changes which are actually pikuach nefesh issues.

The Rabbonim were invited by Rav Chatzkel Roth, Av Beis Din D’Karlsburg and  Rav Hershel Ausch, Yoshev Rosh Beis Horaah D’Karlsburg (who serves as the Halachic Advisor of Chayim Aruchim) and invitations went out to the Rabbonim of Boro Park.

Over 100 Rabbonim came to this Asifa to listen to Harav Hershel Ausch talk about some of the Halachic shaalos that have been coming up lately.

A passionate and informative presentation was made by Dr. Yashir Hirshaut, a well known doctor in our community, about how attitudes and values have changed over the past twenty years regarding end of life patients and how new laws have effected the professional practice of physicians.

The main objectives of this Asifa were to sensitize the Rabbonim and to launch a campaign that every person in our community should have a signed Halachic Medical Directive.

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel made the presentation about the need for a Halachic Medical Directive and discussed the legal issues and the benefits of a Halachic Medical Directive. Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger spoke about the work of Chayim Aruchim over the past year and its plans for the future; Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz thanked the Rabbonim for coming, thanked Harav Roth Shlita and Harav Ausch for calling the meeting and he thanked Rabbi and Mrs. Silver of Kahal Chassidim for hosting this asifa.

See below for photos:

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