Photos: Chavrusah Tumult at Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood, NJ



  1. “Tumult,” by the way, is an English word. The Yiddish (written in Roman characters) would be “tuml.” I imagine that both words go back to the same Latin root.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these pictures every year. I’m always so inspired viewing these precious pictures. This year I’ve decided to take it to the next level. I’m going to start keeping Shabbos this week!

    • Mordechai,
      It’s Tzvei Dinnim…on one hand the Zman started on Monday, but on the other hand they don’t yet have Chavrusah, which is a clear Tarti D’Sasri, which makes it a Sofek, and since it’s about learning, it’s a Sofek D’Oraisah, which goes L’Chumrah, so they do both, start the Zman with a tuml.

  3. Bochrim, bochrim everywhere
    What an awesome sight
    Constant shteiging’s all we hear
    And every shirt is white

    Bochrim, bochrim everywhere
    As far as we can see
    In Israel largely in the Mir
    And here in BMG

    Bochrim, bochrim everywhere
    It’s such a great crowd pleaser
    May “Mazel Tovs” soon fill the air
    When they unlock the freezer

  4. With so many bachirim kn”h, what shidduch crises is there for the girls? I’m starting to believe that this whole shidduch “crises” is a total made up hoax. It’s the picky ones that end up without a shidduch. “More girls” “age-gap”, etc… is all made up nonsense. Those who truly want to get married, DO get married!

  5. OK, lots of shmuzing and bitulling, no actual learning. You’ll reply that they learn at other times, like 2 or 3 sedorim? I’ll retort that since the entire idea of the kolel movement is a dedication of one’s entire life to limud haTorah, than every spare moment should be spent learning a pocket-size sefer while waiting in whatever queue, instead of mass-bitulling. If the dedication to constantly learn is absent, than maybe these guys don’t belong in kolel? Beyond an issue of finances and hardship on wives, letsonus of the undedicated guys may infect the dedicated guys who do belong in kolel. Perhaps it’s time to reassess the wisdom of kolel for everyone, and collecting thousands of bochurim in a single yeshiva where they can not receive a proper supervision and can fall through the cracks. Let people learn in smaller yeshivos, and restore dignity to the kolel movement by keeping only the completely-dedicated in kolelim.


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