PHOTOS: Chassidishe Cheder in Monsey Holds Goodbye Party for Student Moving to Eretz Yisroel


Imrei Shefer, a Yiddish-speaking cheder in Monsey, New York, recently held a goodbye party to celebrate with a young boy a few hours before he and his family left for the airport to make aliyah.

Led by principal Rabbi Moshe Klein, the students honored their friend who is moving to Eretz Yisroel.

Eretz Yisroel and the State of Israel play a significant role in the school, where the students learn Tanach and maps of Judea and Samaria can be found on the walls. Imrei Shefer has an advanced general studies program.

“We are proud that our school is a place where Ramaz and Satmar meet under one roof,” quipped Rabbi Klein.

The party for the ten-year-old was so moving that even Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel in New York, tweeted about it.

“The idea came from the students themselves, who decided to throw the goodbye party for their friend,” said Rabbi Klein.

One student brought a blue-and-white cake, while another brought Israeli chummus.

The school has a unique geography program in which every student serves as an ambassador and represents a country. The Israeli representative gave the boy making aliyah an Israeli flag pin, while the “Saudi ambassador” gave that boy a cake on which it said in Hebrew, “And you should inherit the land,” with a blessing in Arabic conveying that there should be peace in the region.



  1. This is very nice. However, i fail to see any news value in this story. Why would anyone outside the class and family of this boy be interested?

    • I am interested. I live in Monsey and never knew that Imrei Shefer existed. It is exactly what we are looking for for our son.

  2. Very nice, thoughtful thing to do – I’m sure this will help the boys will remember their classmate fondly and vice versa.
    Hatzlocha rabba to the new olim.

  3. This article puts this little innocent boys acceptance into a normal chareidi cheder in Eretz Yisroel in jeapordy. I have no idea which cheder he is registered into but certainly none of the chedarim in yerushalayim are a cross between Ramaz and satmar. Ramaz is in Shoham and Satmar is nearly non existent in eretz yisroel. Especially with the sensitive giyus situation; the whole state of israel discussion amongst chareidim is a fragile topic to touch. I fail to see the point of this article or the philosophy of this cheder.

  4. Unlike the “stories” that typically hit the newswire suggest, most chreidi Yidden love Eretz Yisroel.

    There is tremendous value in sharing some inside happenings that showcase our actual opinion as a community, lest the rebel rousers control our voice.

    A groiseh shkoiach to for posting an article that is really not news at all within the community, yet is unfortunately news to people outside of the heimish community.

    Keeping the truth from being distorted by the few coins shukkeling in the pishke is also a form of news.

    Hatzluche Raabe

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