Photos: Chabad Pamphlets Shredded in Meah Shearim Machah


chabad-pamphlet-shredded-2[Photos below.] A group of men also known as ‘Sikrikim’ went around to the shuls in the Meah Sherim neighborhood in Yerushalayim collecting the Chabad pamphlets distributed by the local shliach there and, after sending them through a shredder, dispersed them throughout the city streets.The men who made the machah (protest) were unhappy with the content of the pamphlets and the hashkafah they represent. The booklets had been distributed by a Chabad shliach, R’ Yosef Lipa Alperowitz.

Among the pamphlets shredded were the Sichas Hashovua and the Dvar Malchus.

See below for photos:

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  2. Hashem Yirachem on those who did this. As we are approaching Rosh Hashanah and over two thousand years in galus, these yidden can take divrei Torah, shred it and throw it in the streets. AND they can do all this in order to increase the flames of machlokes. HASHEM YIRACHEM!

    and No, I am not a chabadnik. I am a chasidisher yid in Eretz Yisroel.

  3. These are probably the same guys who dance at the weddings with the PA flags and hit the older Jewish man who tried pulling it away from them

  4. What a Chillul Hashem! Their actions expresses a lack of respect for divrei Torah and for Hashem. If they think they are emulating Hashem by their actions, they have alot to learn about ahavas yisroel and ahavas Hashem. Especially now before Rosh Hoshana, they must do teshuva and ask for mechila.

  5. #2 Not sure what you mean? Theoretically if they would be christian pamphlets would you find your statement applicable? It all dependes on your perception of present day chabad.

  6. Well said #21. If you believe as mainstream Shomerei Torah Umitzvos do- that the content of those pamphlets are heresy, then indeed it would be incumbant upon one and all, to disregard these books. Unfourtunately they are very similar to christian missionary theological papers.

  7. First a loud demo outside of a sefarim store selling English titles and seforim of Rav Kook and now shredding torah we do not agree with…what is next???

  8. Our shul throws out the pamphlets left by the shul door. They were told not bring them, however they still drop them off. If you read the divri k’firah they write you too would toss them in the trash!!!

  9. Why do they leave unwanted pamphlets in Meah Shearim anyway. I don’t side with the “sick”rikim but, what’s the use of wasting money printing pamphlets that noone is going to read anyway and just fill the trash with? Chabad should know better than to try to do their recruiting or their kiruv in such religious enclaves that are already frum and have no use for them.

  10. I dont know who the sikrim are but if they contained kefira then kol hakavod to them!!!!
    those of you saying chilul hashem is it b/c you know it dosnt have kefira?

  11. Do you know who the original Sikrikim were?

    Look up Sicarii online. They and the Biryonim were one and the same.

    Not a group to emulate.

  12. On a side note
    What do the distributors of all these wonderful pamphlets think we should do with the hundreds and hundreds of papers that are given out why does it have to cost my b”m money to dispose of this sheimis before pesach ? Maybe there should be a system to pick up last weeks when u are dropping off the new weeks

    Any way tizku l’Mitzvos we really do enjoy some of them

  13. 1)The very name “dvar Hamalchus” reeks of meshichism.
    2)shredding it and tossing it in the street includes shredding and tossing the weekly parsha and Haftara.

    a sad situation all around.

  14. a Chabad Calandar sent to me wrote the last Rebbe was “MELECH HAMOSHIACH” AND HAD “M’HM” written after his name, not ZTZAL. Is this acceptable? Personally, I was shocked. Nice calandar ruined. I just don’t understand …

  15. Funny, I can’t seem to find in the picture even a small hint about the papers being originally a Chabad pamphlet or booklet, to me it looks more like some ‘pirush’ on ‘perek HaSholeach’ in Gittin.


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