Photos: Boro Park Center Celebrates Purim In Style With Dance, Music And Joy

Borough Park – This past Thursday, as the neighborhood streets were bustling with Purim activity, the spirit of the joyous day was shared by the many patients of Boro Park Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing.
Throughout the holiday, the Center saw energetic groups of dancers, singers and entertainers stop by and spread Simchas Purim to the elderly and weak who weren’t able to spend Purim at home.
While many nursing home patients are assumed to have a dull and isolated Purim, the leadership at Boro Park Center spared no cost in ensuring that every patient and their visitors were able to experience true simchas Purim.
The Yom Tov preparations started before Purim when the residents of the Center assisted Tomche Shabbas in putting together Mishloach Manos packages for needy families. When the night of Purim arrived, the reading of the Megillah was followed by dancing and singing that engaged all participants in the joyous celebrations. It was a sight to behold as the halls and lobbies of the Center were filled with children wearing colorful costumes and wide smiles on their faces.
The next morning, as the streets of Borough Park filled with adults and children performing the Mitzvohs of Purim, the festivities spilled over into the nursing home with many family members and community residents coming to drop off Mishloach Manos and share a smile with the elderly and sick. There was also child-friendly programming which included face-painting, cotton candy, balloons and more.
The festive atmosphere continued throughout the day as the spirit of Purim was palpable in the entire facility. The Center also provided a lavish meal where patients and family members were treated to delicious cuisine catered by Boro Park Center’s own Chef Sammy. Many participants expressed gratefulness that they had experienced a Simchas Purim that exceeded what they were used to at home.
At the conclusion of Purim, it was clear that Boro Park Center continues to go beyond providing premier physical rehab and care, by going the extra mile in catering to the emotional and spiritual needs of all patients.
ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר


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