Photos: Bochurim Left Stranded After House They Were Renting Turned Out to Be a Dump


A number of bochurim from Lakewood, NJ, found themselves stranded on Erev Shabbos in Woodridge, NY, when the house they were supposed to rent for Shabbos turned out to be uninhabitable, as seen in shocking photos below.

One of the bochurim told that “the owner of the house lied multiple times about” the state of the dwelling.

In a pinch, locals, neighbors and askonim stepped in to find the bochurim a place to stay for Shabbos.

“Please be advised that if you are renting a house from someone you do not know,” the bochurim warned afterwards, “to make sure you see pictures of the house and, if possible, reviews of other people.”




  1. Just rough it you sissies. We had it a lot worse in Europe. How about some Essen teg or rather NO Essen teg. I need a drink or something to understand today’s yeshivaleit.

  2. The pictures do not do justice, I was in the house, half of the inside was completely burnt besides for the fact that there was plumbing. She said that there’s 9 bedrooms, and oven and many other things which were not true

  3. I don’t understand why Bochrim would rent upstate in the middle of the Zman??? and who allowed the Bochrim to rent their own place for Shabbos??? Do you know what goes on……????? when they are left alone?????

  4. I don’t get the mindset that it’s humorous when a bunch of young guys lose their money and go through an unpleasant and stressful situation. Have a little rachmonis, people.

  5. I am the neighbor next door- When I saw these bochurim I knew something was wrong- This house is in shambles as well as the owner- Eventually I got them into Camp Morris (not far away) B’h they had a wonderful Shabbos with their rebbe-

  6. I am a neighbor and I saw the bochurim- I knew that they were making a terrible mistake for trying to go to that house- That house is in terrible shape as well a the owner- I got them to go to Camp Morris which is close by- Hopefully they had a wonderful Shabbos with their rebbe

  7. Re “How can a Yid be so dishonest and swindle bochurim? ”
    Never once did the article say the owner is a Yid.

    Time to work on don l’caf zchus

  8. I was one of the boucherim there. First of all we it was the last off shabbos of the zman so we arranged a nice shabbos of hisboduds WITH our Rosh Hayishevah. B”H camp Morris was nice enough to take us in on such short notice and we had a beautiful shabbos there.

  9. Also B”H we did not pay anything in advance (although she wanted us to) so we did not lose our money. The lady that rented it out was Jewish but was a psycho and had lost her mind.

  10. The house was absolutely pathetic. There were holes in the floors, ceiling and walls. partially burnt and even the part that wasn’t was in terrible shape. the women that owns the house lives in the house for part of the year without plumbing or electric, just to get a an idea of who we were dealing with.


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