Photos: Bein-Ish Ubein Uchiv Holds Thrilling Shopping Spree for Kids


IMG_0303On Monday, Zos Chanuka, Bein-Ish Ubein Uchiv, an organization committed to bringing joy to kids and families that are going through a difficult time, invited kids and their families to Toys4U on a Chanuka present shopping spree.

Each kid had their dream come true by going to a toy store and choosing anything that they wanted off the shelves.

The families were treated to live entertainment by Misameach which included lively music and dancing, magic shows, costumes, etc.

Over 100 kids ended their Chanuka this year, with the light and happiness that this special event brought them.

IMG_0320 IMG_0410 IMG_2735 IMG_3769 IMG_3770




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