Photos: Bedikas Tolaim Alert After Discovery in Nori Leaves (Sushi)



    • “goyishe muychal”?! Do you have a halachic source anywhere from CHAZAL to acharonim that there is such a concept as “goyishe muychal”, even more so that it to be avoided when “unnecessary”? Do you realize that if you were right, you wouldn’t be able to prepare any Hungarian or Polish dishes. Please bring paragraphs or page numbers for any sifrei halacha you’d like to quote.

      • You are what you eat. You eat Japanese style fish, you become a Japanese. You eat Italian pizza, you become a shtick Italian. What’s wrong with eating a geadhmack good old gefilteh fish like the elter bubbe used to make?

        • Hey 2uChaim, So according to your logic if you eat Eastern European gefilte fish you become a shtikel polak?! I must admit your logic testifies to your Polish food consumption.

  1. How many were found?
    It looks like the same one, just taken from multiple angles.
    This information is effectively useless, and the title deceptive without some knowledge of the numbers found, over what period of time, where, how many brands are affected?
    Is this just fearmongering? Or is this a real concern?

  2. 1) Who is issuing this warning?
    2) Is the infestation found even in/on the toasted nori sheets (those were always presumed kosher)?
    3) Is the infestation being found in a majority of nori sheets, only in a minority of sheets, or only in rare cases (or only certain brands or lots)?
    4) Have ANY kashrus organizations pulled their hashgachah from these items or issued a recall?

    • Kashrus agencies don’t relate that much to infestation. You can have the best hechsher on a food product, but you still have to check it. Obviously, if a food is persistently problematic, they’ll stop giving the hechsher, but there’s a long way between serious work on the part of the consumer, and losing the hechsher. Nori – seaweed – has long been a problem. Sorry. And don’t forget, there are major differences between the levels of infestations of various foods in different parts of the world. This fact is crucial for anyone who grew up in the US and then moves to Eretz Yisrael! Unfortunately, most of them have no clue that they even have to a s k about infestation, let alone what and how to check.

  3. I am NOT saying to continue eating this product in spite of the warning. I am only requesting a bit more information so the proper shi’eilah may be asked (i.e. these are the questions any Rov will want to know before issuing a p’sak). Until an individual receives that p’sak, certainly one should be machmir as there may be no heter to permit its use. But without the guidance of a Rov and the information from the supervising agencies, we simply don’t have the information needed to eat or to prohibit eating.

  4. Eat and enjoy! Bugs are healthy nutrition! Don’t worry! There’s a hashgacha on it so what’s the problem! Enjoy the food!

    Chas v’shalom! Don’t above posters see that there’s an issue!!!

  5. Sushi Maven is known to be of superior quality and bears a most respected hechsher! The Volover Rov is an expert in bug infested vegetables.

  6. I love when people post and they have no idea what they’re talking about.

    This story would qualify as fake news! Why? Because we get zero information that does us any good. If this was real and intended for people to do something about or be concerned about, it would have been followed by information such as a brand name and a lot number.

    Any yutz can take a picture and make any claim they want.

  7. I heard about this issue about two years ago and I contacted R Yechiel Babad and the Volover Rov and they both told me that they have a mashgiach checking the Nori leaves under their hashcacha.
    I don’t know if they check all the leaves or they check a few in every package, however they were both aware of this issue and they addressed this issue.

  8. There’s constantly been reports of high levels of visible infestation for those who know what they’re looking for. There was just a major recall in September of many brands including Sushi Maven.

  9. “The Eida Yerushalaim and Rav Moshe Vaye disallowed it for over 2 years because of the infestation. There is no heter.”

    1) Can’t infestation/data change in 2 years?
    2) Can’t infestation levels vary from brand to brand?
    3) Is there not a machlokes between Rav Vaye and many other poskim what is considered a mi’ut she’eino matzui, and can’t that make a difference in the final halachah?


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