Photos: Atzeres Arranged by the Eidah Hachareidis in Yerushalayim Against the Israeli Army (JDN)



  1. If it were not for the IDF, who are the shlichim of the Rebono shel Olam in protecting Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael, the Arabs would slaughter every man, woman, and child in Eretz Yisrael. Instead of criticizing the government and the IDF, they should be thanking them.

    • NOT TRUE! It’s Torah that protects. Thanks to the Torah learners who get the siyatta Dishmaya that protects the country that the secular army does not get. If not for the Torah being learned all day, Israel would long have been overtaken by Arabs and other enemies.

      • Sorry, ein somchin al haness. Alos, with the terrible Chillul Hashem of those “Torah learners” in the street, causing hezek and outright geneivah, I doubt that their learning – if any – protects the state in any way. In fact, perhaps quite the opposite.

        • If the anti-Torah anti-G-d army has no siyatta Dishmaya, there’s no way they can be victorious over the enemy. The fact is, protection in Israel is ONLY because of the Torah, and if all Jews in Israel observed the Torah as G-d commanded us to, not a single Jew would be hurt by a terrorist. Any gadol would tell you that.

          Secondly, these protests against forcing yeshiva boys into the secular army are tremendous kiddish Hashem. Do you know what a small number of chareidi boys dragged into the army come back religious?

          • Sorry, doesn’t justify hezek and gezeilah. Also, potential sakonos nefashos. What would happen if an ambulance carrying a person who just had a heart attack was delayed by these fools and the patient died, R”L?

          • Your comments are so meaningless. There has never been a period in the history of Klal Yisrael when there wasn’t a Jewish army to fight against our enemies. Avraham Aveinu, Moshe Rabbeinu, David HaMelech, the Macabbees: all had Jewish armies – they did not rely only on Torah observance to protect them.

            Your words are simply the “battle cry” of the Haredim to ignore their responsibilities and keep their sons out of harms way.

  2. Nobody disputes that we need siyata dishmaya but like in everything we need to do Hishtadlus.
    work for a living, go to doctors if needed etc. it’s obvious that we need security in eretz Yisroel for protection. That’s basic Hishtadlus

    How can anyone disagree???

    One commentator suggested that if everyone wound keep the torah as hashem commanded then not a single jew would be harmed. That may be so. But how can we say that all religous jews are perfect in all area of halacha.
    I believe i read In Ish al Hachomos that R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld already said that It’s not because of the irreligious that moshiach hasn’t come but rather us religious jews still have things that require correction. Did the chofetz chaim write his sefer on lashon hora for the irreligious to learn? He writes that his motivation is bec this sin is holding back moshiach so that’s on us. Are you positive we are perfect regarding loshan Hora??

  3. Simcha Stern: Moshe Rabbenue’s army, David Hamelech’s army, the Macabees all had JEWISH armies consisting of HOLY YIREI SHAMYAIM and YIREI CHET men only (no women) that in their merit the land was protected!

    On the other hand, the IDF is a melting pot of secular G-dless anti-Torah immoral soldiers, including women. They cause anger to Hashem that causes Hashem to turn away from this army. As it’s CLEARLY written in the Torah (Devarim 23:15) “velo yero’eh becha ervas davar veshav me’acharecha”. The Torah says BEFEIRUSH that if immoral people join the army, Hashem will turn away from them and not protect them ch”v. It’s ONLY because of Torah learned in Israel that the Jews in Israel are protected today. It’s a miracle that after all the filth and lawlessness in this army this country exists and can even fight against the Arabs.


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