Photos: At the Wedding of Ger Tzedek Pinchos Yoel Greenwald, Who Grew Up and Lived by the Rov of Pupa Monsey (JDN)



  1. So this young man’s name is Greenwald which means his father is Jewish & his mom isn’t so what happened y did his dad marry a non Jew & the way it looks is that his dad is related to the Pupa dynasty, so did his dad go fry or something ? The only reason the Pupa Admor is @ this wedding is probably for 2 reasons 1) he grew up & lived by the Pupa Monsey Rav which I think is a son of the Pupa Rebbe 2) they are related, but if this is the case when did he become Jewish @ what age, or this young man’s real name isn’t Greenwald & somehow he got interested in Judaism & made his way 2 Pupa Monsey & the Rav took him into his house, & eventually changed his name to Greenwald through the courts but the issue with that is y out of nowhere would the Pupa Monsey Rav take in some young boy who converted to Judaism, Chassidish groups don’t normally work or help out converts, it’s not part of the program, so if someone would give more background, details & info 2 this story that would greatly be appreciated ty

  2. this chosheve ger tzedek came to the Pupa Rav when he was about 18 -19 years old. That was after he was converted for a couple of years. He changed his name to Grunwald now before his wedding.


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