Photos: At the Opening of the New Gerer Cheder in Boro Park (JDN)



  1. WHAT HYPOCRITES. THIS whole school was started to be technology free and they post on the internet and on a site that their rabbonim forbid.

  2. Please let’s be don l’kaf Z’chus. Why is there no achdus? It is Elul, just before the Yom haDin.
    Leizer, no one says the school should be void of new technology, why is it hypocritical to post in the most expedient way? It reached you.
    Donovan, B”H, all our schools are inundated with an influx of a new generation of children and most schools are stretched to the maximum. This is only for the earliest grades, nursery – kitah beis. It is good to have them start in a smaller environment. I could give you more possible answers but I don’t know all the specifics.


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