Photos: At the Levayah in Yerushalayim of Rebbetzin Fraida Oshry a”h, Wife of Rav Ephraim Oshry zt”l (JDN)



  1. Rav Ephrayim Oshry zt”l was the mechaber of Shut Mimamkim which are questions that he received and answered during the Churban Europe when living in the Kovno Ghetto.
    He is also the one who witnessed and reported what happened with Rav Elchonon it is quoted in the preface to the newer versions of Kovetz HeAros
    Later he moved the the USA and was the Rav of the Beis Medrash HaGadol on the Lower East Side

  2. The wife of R” Ephraim Oshry who was a poseik who survived the milchama and upon coming to America lived in the Bronx before moving to Brooklyn. He had a shul on e.17th street near Ave N.


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