Photos: At the Joyous Bris on Monday of Shimon Chaim Shachar, Born to R’ Shmuel, 67, and Chaya Sarah Shachar, 65, After 46 Years of Marriage



{ Israel}


  1. Mazel tov

    nothing is impossible for Hashem. never give up hope on any issue or help you need. Call out to Hashem from your heart and you will be answered

  2. Tears of SIMCHA. Wishing all the Brochos to the family שיחיו
    May HASHEM answer the Tefilos of KLAL Yisroel very soon.

  3. Mazel tov.
    Anyone know how this is possible …just curious? Is this some miracle child because it defies nature and we need to publicize miracles like this,and never give up hope…for those waiting..

  4. Mazal Tov
    May all the others who are waiting have their tefillas answered real soon and have their own simchas.

  5. Beautiful!!
    Biz hundert un tzvantzig for him and his parents!
    They should be able to take him to the chuppa and see many of his kinderlach too.
    Mazl tov!

  6. Mazel Tov. Wishing asach nachas, may the parents raise him in good health, and bring hope for all those waiting.


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