Photos: At The Grand Opening On Lag Ba’omer Of The New Brightstone Wedding Hall in Passaic, NJ



  1. Nice. Every frum community should have dozens of wedding halls. We need to replace what the nazis did to our population and also fight the reformers and become the majority religious group in the world of Judaism. We need to get our kids married at 18 and have more babies.

    • There’s no guarantee if someone gets married at 18 they’d have more children than if he’d get married at 28. The amount of children one is meant to have is decreed Above. May all yidden merit many children.

      • No guarantee
        But if you marry at 18 the chances are greater in having more kids
        Look at satmar today
        They are the largest kehilla because they marry young

  2. I was there for the first, maybe second, event held there. Great service. Great food. Great looks. Convenient location. I wish them much hatzlachah.

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! beautifull hall!!! was so impressed with the food, the valet parking, and evrything else!! ASHREINU MAH TOV CHELKEINU!!!!!!!!!!


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