Photos: At The Chanukas Habayis Of The New Hagefen Center, A Shidduch Organization Headed By Rav Chaim Shmerler (JDN)



  1. Sad day…..

    No shidduch center in the world will alleviate the challenge facing the chassidishe oilem(buchurim)…

    so long as chassidishe buchurim begin shidduchim at 18.5 (same age as the girls) there will be to many buchrim simply because more males are born every year than females so as at the same age there are more boys than girls…

    The eitza is for buchurim to begin shidduchim slightly later…..

  2. What is the need for this shidduch organization for Chasidim??

    Didn’t the self-appointed experts say that only Litvish have a shidduch crisis???!!!!

    Could it be that the Chasidim didn’t read the Yated, and didn’t hear that everything is perfect on their side?


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