Photos: At the Bris of a Grandson of the Kapytshnitzer Rebbe and Rosh Yeshivas Bais Meir Rav Yaakov Horowitz (JDN)



  1. Anyone know what the kapytshnitzer rebbe’s name is? Iand how is he related to the kapytshnitz-yerushlaim rebbe?

  2. The current kopyczynitzer rebbe harav yekusiel zyshe Herschel shlit”a is a second son of the previous kapytshnitzer rebbe rav Moshe mordechai ztz”l who was nifter over at young age of 48, only 8 years after succeeding his father harav avrohom yehoshua Herschel ztz”l, he left over three sons, for over forty years the gedolei yisroel and the elder chassidem have been trying to crown the second son rav yekusil zyshe a big talmud chacham and oved hashem as rebbe, but due to his being humble natured did not agree, until last year at the 50th yartzeit of his grandfather, doe to pressure from many gedolei yisroe, was finallyl crownd as rebbe, and accepted leadership of the chassidus.
    The kopyczynitz- yerushlaim rov’s name is rav yitzchok meir flintinstein shlit”a, his father was a son-in- law of rav avrohom yehoshu Herschel ztz”, and a nephew of the previous rebbe rav Moshe mordechai ztz”l with permission of the yorshim (the sons of rav Moshe mordechai) was appointed to head the kopyczynitzer shul in yerushlaim which is under the leadership of the current kopyczynitzer rebbe, rav yekusiel zysha Herschel shlit”a

  3. The kopyczyniz rebbe is rav zyshe heschul is he son and successor of the previous rebbe rav Moshe of kopyczynitz ztz”l, the kopyczynitz-ezras torah rebbe’s rabbi flintinstien’s mother was a sister rav Moshe ztz”l,

  4. Yisroel, in post #3, has in nearly accurate! Cousin Rav Yitzchok Meir Flintinstein the Israeli Kopitshnitzer Rebbe only accepted the leadership role since it seemed that after over 25 years of no son accepting the mantle it seemed to him that Kopitshnitz will cease to exist. He did it out of respect for his saintly grandfather affectionately known as the Alter Kopitshnitzer Rebbe.
    Kopitshnitz is also a scion of the holy Risziner zatza”l as is Boyan, Sadigura, Hushiatin, Bohush, Vaasloy. While all these are progeny of the Rizhiner, the Boyaner is the most famous. The current Sadigura is also. Parenthetically, sadly, Hushiaatin has ceased to exist.

    Not chalila to detract from his greatness, I’m surprised that the newly-crowned Kopitshnitzer Rebbe is not adorned by the famous “Rishziner Shtreimel Kroin” the regal high-pointed kappel atop the Shtreimel!

    (Reb Zushe Heschel z”l from Camp Agudah was an uncle to this new Rebbe.)

    • I hear he accepts kvitlach every Sunday in the kopyczynitzer shul on 1415 55th street in boro park, in the room right off the beis medresh (its in that room that his father and grandfather the previous kopyczynitzer rebbe’s zy”a would take kvitlach)


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