Photos: At an Event in Support of the Reelection Campaign for NY District Leader David Schwartz (JDN)



  1. As a taxpayer living in the 48th district, what are my choices of who to vote for, for the retiring Dov Hikind? I’m sure there are good choices who are qualified candidates, right?

    • Vote for tischler he unlike Schwartz doesn’t have a known anti Semite Eric Adams at his events nor “askanim” who are there in order to get money for their PERSONAL non profits, only insiders at Schwartz event no regular folks

  2. You can start by doing research on all the candidates. If you listen to this asken or that asken you will be told to vote for whoever that asken likes to fit HIS agenda not necessarily the community’s agenda. Do your own research and learn about each and every candidate. 1. Go to Google and look them up. Go directly to their website and read what their positions are. If they have vague positions or they take no stand on a position, forget it! They’re hiding something. 2. Contact the candidate with a list of prepared questions and don’t be afraid to ask him your questions. Make sure your questions are direct and to the point. Don’t waste his time. 3. See who supports the candidate and who they supported in the past. Make sure that the candidate is familiar with the frum community and our specific issues. Many times a Goy will represent our interests better then a frum Yid whose beholden to toeivahs or other undesirable “askens” with personal agendas.


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