Photos: Askanim Attend the Opening of a New Park on Avenue F in Flatbush (JDN)



  1. I’m glad everyone is enjoying themselves while I keep getting threatening phone calls from my sons Yeshiva that my boys won’t be able to come to the Yeshiva next year if the outstanding balance is not paid up. My wife & I both work full time and we stay in the City for the summer and we still have no logical way to pay up the tuition balance. So my heart is warmed knowing that our tax dollars is going to help a few Spanish kids enjoy a park under a noise filled train tracks. That money could of easily gone to School vouchers to help us out. Thanx for nothing. Those feckless politicians who get paid by US should hang their heads in shame.

  2. @Rachel: The restroom will be a separate project. Another $2millon. Just like 18th Ave. Park.

    @Priorities: I live right around the corner and hundreds of Frum kids use the playground every day.


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