Photos: Army Day at Camp Yeshiva in the Catskills (JDN)



  1. If i was a parent of a child at this camp, i would complain. This simply isn’t normal behaviour to encourage children to dress up as soldiers and play with toy guns. The camp has failed to find healthy activities for the children.

    • This camp happens to have a robust sports and recreation program including daily swim, a multi-sport leagues program where campers compete for most of the 8 week sessions, and other activities for the duration of the afternoon each day. This is one of many themed days that the Camp conducts. This also happens to be the near-unanimous highlight of most of the campers’ summers.

  2. Beautiful! Boot camp!
    Hey kids, you had better behave at home lest your parents send you here for 12 months!

  3. This is fantastic!! Teaching boys to be strong and defend themselves! Don’t forget our malachim were warriors too. Btw, we are a Frum army family with many deployments.


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