Photos: Appreciation Event in Honor of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Hosted By Mr. Willy Pilku, CEO Of CORE Scaffold Systems Inc.



  1. Name ONE thing this Farrakhan disciple had done for the frum in 5 years, anyway this is A fundraiser as it says adams 2021, has-em yerachem if he becomes mayor, you’ll actually hope for de bozo

  2. Not familiar with his entire record, but I do know when NY Post made that horrible, abominable attack on Menachem Stark z”l, Eric Adams immediately made a press conference to condemn what the Post did. I’m not “in the know” but heard that the Post did not back down and did not treat Adams well after that. For this I believe Adams deserves our hakaras hatov.

    • Does he get hakaros hatov for hosting farrakhan every time the rasha comes to nyc? Remember even Obama said he opposed Hamas when he was a CANDIDATE


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