Photos: Anti-Zionist Kinnus Against the Israeli Army Draft for Satmar Bochurim of Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum’s Community (JDN)



  1. lol for this nonsense they can rally but to solve the problem of ignoramuses spreading disease there’s nothing they can do?

  2. This is their rebbe’s opinion and it’s not changing whether you or anyone else likes it or not. As far as ignoramouses, this measles thing is nothing more than a blood libel. Show me one valid statistic that the rate of anti vaxers is higher in the frum community than in any other segment of society. You are taking it a step further and labeling specifically the Satmar community of R.Z.L. as having “ignoramouses” who spread measles. What do you base that on? It’s nothing more than senseless motzi shem ra.

    • No, it’s not, it’s stupidity, now with all the hell goin on we have 2 support the IDF, it doesn’t mean u have 2 give $$$, but be on Isreal’s, we have the right 2 protect ourselves, all they wana prove is Zionism isn’t Judaism, very nice & dandy, but stop speaking against the IDF, they are protecting lives, if we had it the Satmar way (thank Gd we don’t) lives would b in serious danger, sorry but their Shita is very messed up, they aren’t holy, they need 2 get a grip & face reality, it’s not 1947 anymore, we are in the age of the internet, face life or shut up

  3. Why in the world would you show this? Why give them attention? Is it for clicks so you can rake in more advertising dollars?
    Where is Matzav’s responsibility?
    Please don’t show these things.

    • Der emess shtecht!
      All you people who can’t take it when people do what they are supposed to do are negative about whatever satmar does
      Satmar saved the world after the war and keep on saving the true frum people, don’t say they do nothing, you won’t find any other chassides with so much will to help others not only their people I.e.rubashkin how much money did satmar give towards the whole process???

      Satmar keep up your good work and don’t give up!!!

  4. Zali…”Satmer saved the world”,did they really? There is no other high profile chasidus such as Satmer where the two Rebbes who are brothers can’t get on with each other due to pure selfishness and jealousy.Both have got everything and more,yet they can’t “fargin vus yener hot”.Here their concern is the Israeli draft,as if everything in their own backyard is rosy! What hypocrites! Sort out your own problems first! Save yourselves! Take a lesson from all the new Vishnitser Rebbes,all brothers,who are showing each other achdus,love and respect,a real nachas and a lesson to all of Klall Yisroel how brothers can and should work together,something they don’t know about at the chasidus “that saved the world”.


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