Photos: 8 Days, 20 Parties: Misameach’s Non-Stop Chanukah Activities


IMG_20151118_135523 (1)Chanukah is a time of light and joy, but for some, there is more darkness to dispel than for others. Misameach volunteers spent their Chanukah working tirelessly to bring light and laughter and cheer to homes and hospitals around the tristate area, allowing sick children and their families to experience a taste of pure joy during this wonderful time.

Misameach hosted over 20 parties throughout the eight days of Chanukah, bringing along special guests and professional entertainment to create a joyous experience for all attendees. In both private homes and major hospitals, wherever the sick and disabled were to be found, Misameach was there too, giving them an experience they will long remember, along with thousands of dollars worth of gifts.

At the Hackensack Children’s Hospital, dozens of volunteers created a party to remember for the young patients, including music, live entertainment and the distribution of gift packages. In attendance was Dr. Michael Harris M.D., Chief of Pediatric Oncology. Dr. Harris is a member of Misameach’s Medical Advisory Board.

At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, singer Mendy J put on a performance, while the AKA Pella band performed at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

Other singers and performers who used their talents to spread the warmth of Chanukah to Misameach patients were Pinny Doppelt, Uri Davidi, Shua Kessin and U. Bodner. Dozens of volunteers gave up precious time on Chanukah to be there for those less fortunate, most notably Yaakov Sommer, who gave it his all the night before his own wedding.

Though Chanukah is now but a memory, for the hundreds of sick and disabled touched by Misameach’s Chanukah joy, that memory is one that will not fade for a very long time to come.

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  1. We were at one of the Chanukah parties in the children’s hospital, and the members of Misame’ach brought a lot of joy and happiness to the patients and their visiting families. The music, the dancing, the singing, the entertainment – it was so much appreciated. How special it was for the members of this group to give up their own personal time on Sunday of Chanukah to entertain the patients. Kol hakavod!

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