Photos: 6 Kilogram Baby Born in Bnei Brak


6 kilo babyIt is not every day that a woman gives birth to a baby weighing 6 kilograms, of 13.2277 pounds. That’s what happened this morning at Maayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak. Mother and baby are, boruch Hashem, doing fine.

After birth, the joke going around the hospital was that the baby is ready to go to kindergarten.

“We knew that it would be a high fetal weight, and we prepared accordingly,” says Dr. Gil Pomp, director of maternity at the hospital. “This is the weight of a baby born in a diabetic pregnancy. For the most part, these weights come only as a result of diabetic pregnancies, and even pre-pregnancy diabetes,” he explained.

The baby, the mother’s sixth, was born via C-section at 37 weeks and is under increased monitoring to ensure that there is no hypoglycemia complications. Dr. Pomp stressed the critical importance of treating diabetes in relation to pregnancy, because diabetes left untreated may dangerously affect fetal weight.

“For the most part, diabetic pregnancies wait until week 39,” explained the doctor, “mainly due to slower lung maturity.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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