Ezer Mizion Fulfills Wish: Brings Sick Young Man to Kosel


ezer mizion

[Photos below.] He is only eighteen years old and his body is ravaged by cancer. But his neshoma is very much alive.

For two weeks he was in a coma. His first words upon awakening: I’d like to go to the kosel. 

And that’s where Ezer Mizion came in. Always searching for ways of easing the plight of cancer patients, the staff went into high gear. His physicians were consulted. The decision was that his condition would only allow a trip directly to the wall.

Could Ezer Mizion make that happen?

Key people were contacted. The police became involved. More calls. More meetings. And then…triumphant success. His young fingers would once again touch the stones of kedusha.

Please be mispallel for Nehurai Chaim ben Avigayil Chaya.

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{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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