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  1. There already is a heter to shave during sefira, it’s called every erev shabbos where there is a mitzvah to shave and cut ones hair lkavod shabbos…

    • Waho. Making up your own halachos? I think you better ask ypur local Orthodox Rabbi before you’re morah heter for yourself.

  2. @confused –
    1) Where is this found and to whom and under what circumstances was it said. After all, many years ago, when securing a job for a yarmulka-wearing individual was very difficult, Rav Moshe ztzvk”l, I believe, gave a heter to go to work without one. I think there is a similar heter regarding sheitlach and divorced women trying to remarry. Regardless. Times have changed, B”H, and, for the most part these heteirim are not needed.
    2) The Chazon Ish ztzvk”l held, in general, it was not only not a mitzvah to shave one’s beard Erev Shabbos, but rather a mitzvah not to shave; in order to go into Shabbos with the tzurah of a Yis.


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