Photo: Representatives Of The Palestinian Leadership Paying Condolences To The Family Of Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Epstein In Mea Shearim



    • He was the leader on Neturai Karta, which explains why his family had such “chosheveh” menachamim.

      Hashem Yishmor!

      • I don’t think he was part of the faction that visited Iran. There are a couple of offshoots of the NK. In any case, shame on them for accepting murderers. Even Rav Amram Blua and Rav Aaron Katzenelenbaugen is turning in his grave.

  1. Trying to imagine what these “cousins” were “menachem !!!” them upon leaving: “ HaMakom – muhamad ym”s ?? – yenachem…. Tzion – really ??? – vee’ Yerushalayim – where is that??? not in Israel that’s ours not yours-“

  2. See, Obama did bring about peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. His Nobel peace price was well deserved.

  3. דער אויבשטער זאל מנחם זיין די משפחה. צביהלע געווירץ און רחלע קרויס.
    Reb Yoelish Krois’s in law was nifter.


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