PHOTO: President Trump Enjoys Watching The Rubashkin Celebrations Too!!



  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I think we should all reis keriya and make a brachah dayan hemes. What an awesome chilul Hashem for us to see the president of the United States celebrate and glorify a criminal. We have not seen such a discrace to Hashem holy name since the churban beis hamikdash.
    From the NY times –> “Around 300 employees of the plant, many of whom were Guatemalan, served prison sentences for identity theft, and several managers and supervisors were convicted of felony charges of harboring illegal immigrants. The immigration-related charges against Mr. Rubashkin were dropped after he was convicted of fraud. Prosecutors in his case said he had fabricated collateral for loans, causing the banks to lose more than $26 million.”

    • You’re quoting the NYTimes? The headquarters of leftist anti-jewish fake news as a source for what was a illegal witch hunt of poor Mr.Rubashkin?

    • According to halachah (see Chofetz Chaim), the criminal is YOU who believes Fake News and YOU should reis kriah and do tshuva for talking about Jews.

    • you’re such a farkrumte yid. unbelievable. noone disputed the years he already served. He has a huge amount of restitution to pay. noone denies the fact that he needed to sit but this case was a very obvious miscarriage of justice in regards to the sentence that had all the marks of anti semitism on it, therefor leading all yidden ( I mean, those with normal achdus, rachmanim bnei rachmanim yidden) to gather together and daven and do whatever possible to have him out. Whats bad about this show of achdus??? a language you obviously don’t understand; if you have the chutzpa of talking so openly as a kitrug…. oy vavoy, if god were to be this machmir on your sins….

  2. Why dont you have the decency to tell your unsuspecting readers that this picture is fake???!!!! Are you really that gullible? Btw did you hear that President Trump is coming to visit Rubashkin in Monsey this afternoon and there is an unsubstantiated rumor that Rubashkin will be appointed to replace AG Sessions??!!

  3. Mr “Chilul Hashem”

    You’re out of you’re mind! never have we seen someone talk so much Garbage in the last 300 years! My only answer is that you are in serious denial. Mr Rubashkin has brought Klal Yisroel to an achdus and KIDDUSH HASHEM like never before which will iyh Bring the Beis Hamikdash and Moshiach much closer. And to prove it look how Tens of Thousands (most have never met him) are rejoicing and celebrating for this special Baal Bitachon and Tzaddiks release from prison. Who has paid dearly for a mistake he made.

  4. This is Photoshopped from President Trumps holiday video conference call with the US troops in Afghanistan. Just Google “Trump Video Calls Troops”.

  5. You know you self proclaimed experts who think it’s fake. A friend of mine had some very controversial bumper stickers on his car several years ago that if you google the worlds most offensive car,his car comes up. The point is many people commented that the stickers were not real but photoshopped. The fact was it was real as numerous people took pictures of the car and posted it on various sites. What’s wrong if Trump enjoys watching Jews dance and support him.

  6. No it’s real. Why is everything Trump does labeled fake and the evil democrats not fake. You think Trump does not know what’s going on among Orthodox Jews. He was well aware that all the orthodox jewish areas voted for him. If you looked at Boro Park flatbush crown heights williamsburg Seagate monsey monroe Lakewood all were RED on the map of blues. Even The NY Times wrote up on that. You think Trump with all his frum staff and family is in the dark. He knows exactly what’s going on. In fact at his Chanukah party only one reform rabbi was invited by mistake. Everyone else was frum.


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