Photo: Orthodox Jews Spotted In The VIP Section Behind The President During A MAGA Rally In Cleveland



  1. I had no problems finding a Minyon on all days of the GOP Convention in Cleveland. Frim Yidden are at most Trump events throughout the country. The Jewish Community is beginning to wake up to the fact that obama, hillary. kerry and all their lousy DemocRAT ilk are toxic to Yidden and to all of America.
    Please go VOTE today. Vote REPUBLICAN.

  2. Instead of renting CitiField for an asifa, the next event should be mega-rally for President Trump, showing HaKoras HaTov for all of the great things he has done for Klal Yisrael, including moving the Embassy to Yerushalayim, increasing military aid to the IDF, and freeing Rubashkin.

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