Photo: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tweets Tribute to Rav Binyomin Kamenetzky zt”l



  1. How’s it an honor to be praised by one that represents exactly the tuma that Rabbi Kamenetsky fought against?! We can’t control what Cuomo tweets, but we don’t have to publicize it.

  2. Is it asking too much for the governors PR people to at least get the Rabbi’s name right before utilizing his passing as a campaign booster?

  3. To all those criticizing the Governor’s spelling of Rabbi Kamenetzky’s name, this is the correct spelling Of Kamenetzky. Reb Binyomin ZT”L and his family spelled the name like this. Appreciate the tribute before criticizing the spelling.

    • I agree that it’s stupid to criticize this. But if you mean to say that the tweet has the correct spelling, note that the tweet says “Kamentzky,” not “Kamenetzky”.


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