Video, Photos: Nissim Black Gets His New Tallis Zekel from Mefoar Judaica


Boro Park – Crowds stopped and onlookers gathered on Wednesday afternoon, as singer and artist Nissim Black stopped into Mefoar judiaca to do some pre-Chanukah shopping.

The Israeli rapper was also looking to buy a new Tallis bag and was visibly impressed when he was introduced to Mefoar’s design-your-own-bag technology.

The option to customize your own Tallis or Tefilin bag has been a proud, revolutionary project by Mefoar Judaica. Mefoar has launched a world of creativity that was previously unavailable to general customers as until recently, judaica stores offered only a few designs to pick from.

Many bucherim and yungeleit consider their Tallis and Tefilin bags to be part of their identity as they carry it with them daily and it bears their full Hebrew name. It is therefore unsurprising that this Mefoar project has been a great success with customers of all ages.

While Mr Black was waiting for his newly-picked design to be embroidered, he could not contain his excitement and announced to those around him that he is blown away by what Mefoar is offering to members of the community.


  1. Sneaky way to advertise. Now there is not even a mention of paid content. Its thrust upon us in the most unassuming way and we sucker’s fell for it.

  2. Sooner or later these comments will be gone. Any negative comments on advertisement is removed by the moderator not sure if its the advertiser or
    I have seen this too many times on this site

    • So you’re saying that the little immature kinderlach that run Matzav are being dishonest? Why would some rich kids from the 5towns, who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, do something like that?

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