Photo: Monsey Resident Buys Wine for Military Personnel at Gottlieb’s


Dudi Farkash has a heart.

The Monsey, NY, resident was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when he saw an opportunity for kindness. He was at the Gottlieb’s delicatessen when he chanced upon a group of American and Israeli military personnel.

Farkash greeted them warmly and then, as an expression of appreciation for their service to their respective countries, the Jewish state and its strongest ally, he asked if he can treat them to a bottle of fine wine.

They accepted his offer appreciatively, touched by the gesture of the chossid from Monsey.

{ Newscenter}


  1. We are against drafting women and most men, now mr chosid says it is ok and serves them wine! Gevald! Where is our principals? Have we lost are minds? Where is the yosher? Doesn’t anybody remember what we learned in yeshivasha? Don’t let a עם הארצ take over the county . The godoylim will denounce .

    • Maybe spend some more time in yeshiva until they tell you about a little thing called hakaras hatov. Regardless of what you think about the politics, these people risk their lives so you can spew garbage like that. He isn’t saying everything that everyone associated with the army and the government does is ok, he is saying thank you to these individuals for sacrificing for his safety. Also, no one opposes the American army except for America’s enemies.

    • are you out of your mind? Do you think this attitude of yours is being mekadesh shem shamayim? these are tinok shenishbu and you’re busy hammering a nail in the air? This was a great mitzva from this guy.

  2. There’s a wonderful organization called Koshertroops that sends Kosher food to Jewish personnel in the US Armed Forces all over the globe. I’ve been a recipient of their kindness many times and they could use all the help they can get as it is 100% non-profit.


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