Photo: Mark Levine Arrives In Israel For Embassy Opening



  1. Nu, Mark is a good man. He has a gutta nishama. Maybe someone from Aish or one of the other kiruv organizations can get a hold of him.

  2. He might be a good man,and a great radio show host and a great American. but he has said on Numerous occasions that he’s a Jewish American but he is a American first and a Jew second, I don’t know why on websites that claim to represent the frum world post his picture going to the Kotel making him out to Be some sort of celebrity or role model. Why dont you put a picture of any Jew , who is a Jew first and American second, going to the Kotel.

    • I’m an avid listener to him and quite certain he never said that, He might’ve said he’s an american first and and Israeli second, which is normal, being an american citizen and talk show host, he can’t make more specific comments.

      But even if he did indeed say what you claim, If you listen to him more often re his feelings towards Israel and its Jewish history then that should be sufficient enough. He’s a brilliant man with a great passion for religion and reason!

      He should be appreciated the minimum respect! Let alone your comment re posting his photo here.

    • Fake news alert. He never said that. He is clearly a tinok shenishba. Unlike Michael Savage, he doesn’t have, or express openly any taanus against the Abishter for his hardships in his personal life. He is a pleasure to listen to as he is extremely brilliant and respectful of others. A mensch.

  3. He is a talk show host and I believe also on Fox News who, in my humble opinion, is very smart, witty, spontaneous and humorous.

  4. Actually chabad didnt get a hold of him already seeing how his Tefillin are donned Minhag Ashkenaz. chabad has a different way of putting on tefillin and same way they put it on others.

  5. Not sure why this is a big deal, but as a Lubavitcher, who often is mezake Yidden with the mitzvah of Hanochas Tefillin, we often use “Minhag Ashkenaz” pairs of Tefillin, especially at an official stand like at the Kosel. Also, very often, people know how to put it on themselves, and will tie it they way they were taught years ago. We don’t force our minhagim on others. Also interesting to note that everyone is convinced that of course Chabad put on Tefillin with him, as if Aish or anyone else would never help a Yid with putting on Tefillin…


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