Photo: Man with Truck Stealing Bikes in Lakewood, NJ, Housing Developments



    • How do you know he didn’t file a police report?! It seems so incredulous to you that some low life can steal a kid’s bike? Are you from a parallel dimension or were you born yesterday?

      • Yes. In today’s day and age, every yokel with a cellphone camera fantasies about being the hero with the breaking story. All the fame and kavod that he will get. His pictures will appear on woohoow. If he has the right connections. Simply amazing. Why do YOU assume it was stolen? Did anyone file a report that his bike was stolen? As you can see from our hero’s photo, there is a lot of junk in this guy’s pickup truck. We’re the all the other items stolen or was it davka the bicycle?
        Anyway, keep the photos coming. The kid definitely has a future in journalism.


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