Photo: Man Takes Store Clerk to Task for Exposing SmartPhone to Customers



{ Newscenter}


  1. you guys all missed the boat.1)firstly,the man is correct that there is a big achrayus on cell phone dealers,who are exposing people to filth on the internet,and many people who were innocent prior to owning cell phones are now addicted rachmana letzlan. 2)He is wrong in his approach,bec this boy just works there,and secondly,even if it was the cant walk over to someone and start screaming;it just doesnt work.You need to educate them and come to an agreement that he can sell cell phones with a filter which I think most reasonable frum jews are okay with.

  2. anger will accomplish nothing. This is not the correct response to deal with what may or may not a be an issue worth focusing on. This boy didn’t go home that day thinking “hey, maybe i shouldn’t have a smartphone!” he went home thinking “i want even less to do with the establishment if this is their view of me.” This is NOT the way.

  3. It’s good to see how a passionate person is not afraid to make a מחאה . Bext week we’ll layn about Pinchos and his מעשה קנאות.

  4. First of all he is dead wrong, there is nothing wrong with the phone being there second of all this guy accomplished nothing other than making a big chillul hashem. 2 things happened when this guy left the store, one is the phone went right ack to its original place and second is this boy thought to himself I want less to do with people like this if this is how they behave so not only did he not do anything good

  5. Although it may be that this man has noble intentions his approach is appalling. The reality is that this kid need to be taught lovingly and affectionately the negative effects of the internet and smartphones. This archaic approach of yelling at kid does not speak to this generation. I am willing to bet that this kid in his mind will do the exact opposite of what this person told him because that is our nature. Instead of yelling why don’t you try feeling empathy for the child. Invite him to take him out for dinner and in a sensitive way approach the matter and utilize the opportunity to discuss the issue and let him be involved in making the decision. If we continue to expect our children to follow us blindly then I can guarantee you that we will continue to create an environment where kids prefer an iPhone to Torah.

  6. why are you showing this video????? what is the point????? just because someone took a video of this means you have to publicize????


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