Photo: Levi Aron’s Handwritten Confession


levi-aron-confessionThe following document, the confession of Levi Aron, charged with the murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, contains graphic descriptions of brutal acts. The document has been entered into evidence by the prosecution. Aron’s lawyers, as reported yesterday, have entered a plea of not guilty in the case.

Click here to view the handwritten confession.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. There is a famous question is says Kol Horoieh Soiteh Bkilkula Yaazir Atzmoi Min Hayyain. Shouldn’t the fact that one sees a Soita in her utmost degradation be enough reason not for him to sin. Why does he have to take on extra boundaries and becoming a Nazir?

    The answer my friends is even if you see a punishment for someone doing a sin and even if you see someone suffering because of an aveira it still leaves a roishom on you.

    Therefore i don’t see it beneficial to keep on reading about this person and every single detail & how the story evolved.

    That is just my opinion every one can ask their rov for guidance

  2. i think it is important to read this so that people can see as Rav Shteinman said this week that if we dont have bein adam lachaveirio one can even come t0o murder.

  3. Unbeleivable, Such a bloody murder, sounds like he is writng his kindergarten diery, Rachmunu Litzlan, how in the world can a human do sucha thing,
    I am nauseaus

  4. Yosef (#4), I will assume that you live in Brooklyn. Yes, it is all disgusting but important that every minute detail be told. There is a lesson to be learned. You are so used to everything getting covered up or worse twisted, please don’t let it continue. Talk and shout about it until you are red in the face and things start to change. Nothing is happenstance. May these days of reflection lead us to the ultimate redemption.


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