Photo: Large Tent Being Set Up On 54th Street In Boro Park For New Skulener Rebbe’s First Tish


A large tent has been built on 54th St outside of the Skulen Bais Medrash, where the newly crowned Skulener Rebbe will be leading his first tish as Rebbe this Friday night, following the petirah of his father earlier this week.

The Rebbe’s children are sitting shiva in Boro Park.


  1. Don’t know what ur upset about he probably wasn’t ur rabbi but plz give respect and don’t criticize this was the biggest funeral in brooklyn ever! hope to see u at the tish

  2. Hope the hanhallah of the Lakewood Yeshiva will be menachem aval the family and apologize for his harsh shameful stance against the 50 bachurim who went to funeral of a Gadol Hador, a Tzaddik Hador. The entire Yeshiva should have participated at the levaye of such a tzaddik.


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