Photo: Jewish Reporter Yaakov Terkeltaub AKA Turx At The White House Correspondents Dinner In His Bigdei Shabbos



  1. Did he listen to that horrible speech? In his shtreimel? Did he laugh at the dirty jokes while wearing his shtreimel?


    • But, but, but…it’s ok; he’s one of “us”. What’s a little chillul Hashem among friends?

      Even with no vile language and vile people, the whole point of the WHCA is pure letzanus, of the worst kind.

    • What is the need for a Chasidishe correspondent in the White House in the first place?

      Did Der Yid or the Algemeiner Journal ever have one?

  2. Its a terrible aveirah to sit in a room of taaruvos. Never mind all the nivul peh and nasty jokes from that dirty so called comedian with that foul mouth, Michelle Wolff. What a stupid dumb liberal baby.


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