Photo: Jared and Ivanka Trump Bowl With Chai Lifeline Children at White House




  1. I am shocked that they allowed a photo of the actual children to be published. The Sensitivity Police never allow such things. Did they make an exception because our Gods, Ivanka & Jared, happened to stroll by? This just goes to show how phony these all “sensitive” people really are. When they can make a few dollars, all sensitivity goes out the window.

  2. Anyone that allows their children in the limelight of the White House knows full well that they
    will be used in a public photo-op. Chai Lifeline themselves do a wonderful video every year
    with the identity of all clearly displayed.
    You are apparently not aware of Chai Lifelines picture guidelines policy.

  3. Anyone who allows their child into the White House knows full well that they will be photographed
    by the media.
    Chai Lifeline themselves use children in their PR pieces.

  4. This is very keen. I am super glad that a yid who keeps kosher and might truly daven gets to throw a ball down a wooden course at the holy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    It is what we awaited perhaps. But of course, until he has the authority to sign the bills into existence, he is not the total jewish dream of right to live in America.

    Funny, but I am one who believes that if Hashem wants Israel to keep pulling strong, we need much more representation. I would be patient to even wait an orthodox fully observant jew in congress. His manners and presence would be right and wise to hope that all of the jewish rights are not driven out of America by the hate-mannered jew who is not keen on keeping kosher or becoming wise in his yiddishkeit.

    Still, pretty neat. The kids got a good day with a hopeful great dad. We can be proud as yids that Donald has not yet destroyed the economy and if you know history, a man is not his full known effect until his legacy full is discussed. Its not Donald yet.

  5. Wow. “Sensitive people” are you referring to Chai Lifeline?
    Chai Lifeline and their amazing work doesn’t need any introduction!
    Chai Lifeline often has circulated pictures in the past. This is not a first. Obviously it is with client consent.

  6. It’s ironic that they’re doing it at the same time as her father is trying to strip health care away from tens of millions of Americans.


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