Photo: How Catskills Residents Really Feel About Their Jewish Summer Neighbors



{ Newscenter}


  1. I can understand the issue they have with the noise but I challenge any of them to post a similar sign stating STOP THE BUYING – YOU’RE BUSTING OUR LOCAL ECONOMY.
    When you want a good deal, you gotta pay for it! If a store was running a 50% off sale UNCONDITIONAL, you’re going to have to expect it to be busy!
    But, this guy is right, we are quite noisy up here!

  2. that sign is in protest of the Monticello Motor Club racetrack which is right nearby and has nothing to do with the Jews.

    Stop being so paranoid and seeing antisemites under every rock.

  3. This has nothing to do with the Jews. This sign is on Rt. 42 South of Monticello near the Monticello Motor Club racetrack and is a protest against the noise it creates for the neighbors there.

  4. I don`t blame them in the least bit.
    I was up there for visiting day and the way unzereh oilam was driving was not befitting bnai Avraham Yitchok and Yaakov.
    I spoke to a few people who all agreed that they are cured from going to the Catskills .
    It` s certain state of depression that people who feel the need to “cut loose” go through that causes this all .

  5. While I am not denying there is anti-semitism and lots of resentment, I would think this photo shows how they feel about the noise…

  6. You got this all wrong – This banner has absolutely nothing to do with Jewish summer residents !! This homeowner is protesting the constant noise from the Monticello Race Club which is near his home. The noise is terrible and disruptive and a real interference to its neighbors (except those that were “bought off” and have signs on their property how the “love the Race Club”.


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