Photo: Gebaken Noch Pesach, Version 5777



  1. I don’t know what the product is but if that is the expiration date (may 17 2017) then it is probably from about a year ago and very legitimately says it was baked after Pesach of LAST YEAR (2016). It doesn’t say “נאפה לאחר פסח תשעז”. I hope this is not SERIOUS הוצאת שם רע on your part.

  2. What’s the point???
    It’s just a label!
    We all print labels in advance how do you think we can get it to the stores so fast?!

  3. A Lamed in front of a word can mean ‘for’;
    They baked it for use after Pesach.
    Don’t know why they need to that, but to each his own. 🙂


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